Last Update: October 16 2019

Ridgecrest M 6.4 and M 7.1 of July 2019. Performance of Electric and Gas Lifelines, Coming soon!

Anchorage M 7.1 Earthquake of November 30 2018. 5A: Lifelines. 5B: Power.  TCLEE No. 5A, TCLEE No. 5B.

Hokkaido M 6.7 Earthquake 2018 & Feb 2019 aftershock. Impact to Lifelines, by Eidinger and Tang March 2019. TCLEE No. 4.

Fragility of the Electric Power Grid, 2018, by Eidinger. Paper FragilityElectricGrid and Presentation FragilityGrid.

Mexico Earthquakes of September 2017, by Eidinger and Maison. Water and Power. 67 pages. TCLEE No. 3.

Earthquake Reports, 1906 - 2019

How power, water and other lifelines performed in past earthquakes. Recent additions: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand 2010, 2011; Japan Tohoku M 9.0 2011; SPUR Lifelines Tohoku 2011; Lushan China 2013; Napa, California 2014; Kumamoto Japan 2016; Mexico 2017; Hokkaido Japan 2018.

2012 to 2019

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Water Pipes, Electric Substations, Non Structural,  Fires

Papers and Presentations

Latest: Fragility Electric Grid, 2018.

Buried Cables and Pot Heads, 2017.

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