Latest Update: May 7 2017

Kumamoto Earthquakes of April 2016, by Tang and Eidinger, 280 pages Revised May 7 2017, TCLEE No. 2

UC Berkeley SESM Teaching Assistants and Professors. SESM_2016b.pdf

Seismic Performance of Buried Cables and Pot Heads. May 7 2017. Cables.pdf.

Pipe Replacement Strategies for Aging and Seismic, July 2016. Paper.

Earthquake Reports, 1906 - 2017

How power, water and other lifelines performed in past earthquakes. Recent additions: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand 2010, 2011; Japan Tohoku M 9.0 2011; SPUR Lifelines Tohoku 2011; Lushan China 2013; Napa, California 2014; Kumamoto Japan 2016.

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Latest: Wind and Ice Reliability Models for Transmission Towers, Free!

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Latest: Electric Distribution Fragility, 2016.

Buried Cables and Pot Heads, 2017.

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