Papers on specific topics. Some are co-authored. 1999 to 2005

SFPUC Economics. 1999

Benefits of seismic retrofit of the San Francisco water system, from a retailer point of view. File size: 5.2 MB. SFPUC_Economics.pdf

Pipe at Anatolian Fault. 1999

Why did the 87” Thames pipeline leak when it took 3 meters of fault offset?.  File size: 0.5 MB. PipeFaultOffset.PDF

US - Japan Water Economics, 2004

How much is spent by US and Japanese water utilities on seismic upgrade? EBMUD - SF Comparison.  File size: 0.9 MB. US_Japan_Economics.pdf

FFE - Flex Hose. 2004

Fire Following Earthquake and Flex Hose Applications.  File size: 0.7 MB. ffeHose13WCEE.pdf

EBMUD - Southern Loop. 2004

Design and construction issues for a 42” pipeline crossing the Calaveras fault, built in 2002.  File size: 4 MB. EBMUD_SouthernLoop.pdf

San Diego - Seismic Risk. 2004

Benefits and costs of seismic retrofit of the City of San Diego water system.  File size: 0.3 MB. SanDiegoWaterRisk.pdf

BART - Seismic Risk. 2005

The seismic risk analysis that established BART’s $1 Billion seismic retrofit program.  File size: 0.1 MB. Bart_SeismicRisk.pdf