The files available here describe how water, power, and other lifeline systems have performed in actual earthquakes, 2012 - 2018

Lushan, China. M 6.6 2013. Heavy damage to electric substations, water system "destroyed". No lifeline mitigation since 2008 earthquake.  File size 7.5 MB. Lushan Rev D.pdf

Napa, California. M 6.0. 2014. Heavy damage to water pipes. No damage to gas pipes. No damage to high voltage substations. Caltrans bridges perform well. New FFE model. Size 7.6 MB. TCLEE No. 1.pdf


Napa M 6.0. 2014.  Water Power Gas, Fires... What does it mean for the Peninsula? March 17, 2016. Presentation.pdf

Kumamoto M 7.0 2016. How Kyushu electric power system performed in the April 16 2016 earthquake. Damaged towers, substations, distribution. 33 MB. Kumamoto.pdf

Kumamoto Japan  M 6 and M 7 Earthquakes, April 2016. 280 page report, 21 MB. TCLEE No. 2.pdf

Puebla, Mexico M 7.1 and Chiapas, Mexico M 8.2 Earthquakes, September 2017. 67 page presentation, 11 MB. TCLEE No. 3.pdf

Hokkaido M 6.7 Earthquake, September 6 2018.Power  Quick Report, 4 MB. 46 pages. TCLEE No. 4.pdf.